feathers. dirt under my nails. snowboarding in fresh pow! sequins. singing + guitar. yoga. vegetable gardens. my red convertible. wind. incense. barefeet. earthenware mugs. PNW forests. lambskin rugs. fire. seagulls at the ocean. birds singing on sunday morning. the rush of overcoming fear. bangle bracelets & big rings. henna tattoos. good sex. staring into each others eyes. sticky fudgy brownies. popcorn. feelin' like a badass in my favorite clothes (jean shorts, leather pants, crop tops, & thigh high stockings woopwoop). dance parties + raves...oh how i love raves. wine with girlfriends. writing letters. peanut butter on a spoon. fresh green plants. candles. bubblebaths. snuggling cats. laughing till my belly hurts. john mayer. harry potter. the 13.5 lives of captain bluebear. moleskin journals. food shopping. sushi. roses.