What sets your soul on fire?
What would you do if you were no longer afraid?
What kind of person do you long to be?
How do you want to feel?
What's stopping you?

Staring into a camera can be terrifying. 

There is a fear of being exposed;
seen for what you truly are and a fear that what you are is not going to be good enough.


I refuse to take pretty pictures of you. 
I want to give you so much more than that.
This in an invitation to dive into your soul, discover your power, and set yourself free. You decide how deep we go, but we're definitely going deeper than "pretty on the surface" pictures. 

I refuse to Photoshop your pictures
to make you look "perfect." a) What the fuck is perfect anyway? and b) Whatever it is, you ain't. You're not perfect...you're real and in your realness lies your beauty and strength. Own it.

Your photo shoot will challenge you.
I'm going to ask you to leave your comfort zone, try something awkward, vulnerable, different. We'll ask unusual questions, write down your life story, and experiment with self-image through portraits. 

I cannot promise you breakthroughs
or transformations. Those come only from the work you do within yourself over time. I am offering you a creative photography experience that will give you a toolbox to help you visualize how you want to be, the best version of yourself, living free from fear and fully in your joy! This is the beginning. 

Wander with me into the scary zone;
that's where your magic lives.
It's time to go fear-hunting.

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