My name is Chamonix.
I'm a singer.
I live in Seattle.

music - especially when my favorite songs come on the radio and I forget whatever I'm doing and I get completed sucked in! and WIND. ahhh WIND. I've been in love with wind since 4th grade when it hit me one day on the playground. feathers. snowboarding in fresh pow pow! sparkles. yoga. growing vegetables. my red convertible. boats. incense. barefeet. earthenware. PNW forests. lambskin rugs. fire. seagulls. birds singing. early morning. rings & henna tattoos. fudgy brownies. popcorn. dance parties. raves. festival. wherever the music is. wine with girlfriends. writing letters. cats. folk music & EDM. john mayer. the 13.5 lives of captain bluebear. food shopping. sushi. open roses. 

"Live barefoot in loud color, bleed music and breath fire."



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